Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog Rules

1) Respect all people and their perspectives

No insults, condescension, character assassination, or cheap shots.  You will not find me citing the latest scandal to discredit my political opponents.  Nor will I defend everything a Republican or self-proclaimed Conservative says or does.  I will make a distinction between principles or ideals and the people that espouse them.

2) No sensationalizing

If facts and reason are not enough to support a position, no gimmicks, fear-mongering, or straw-men will help.  This doesn't mean I won't broach controversial topics; but I will do so with sensitivity to other viewpoints.

3) There is no final word

No one knows all the answers; as the subtitle suggests, this blog is about "discovering" the best path forward. I will present my ideas and opinions; some of them will be deeply held beliefs.  But I can always change my mind, and I fully expect to in some instances.

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